The Salesman lives!

Hello!  If you’re new to the Salesman music then please let me get you up to speed.

The landscape in the music industry is exciting, evolving, and certainly unfamiliar in many aspects.  Distribution is easier than ever before and so too is the ability to reach, cultivate, and engage with your audience.

Rather than release an album once every couple of years I will be releasing two new songs every month and one or two cohesive albums per year.  Why not!  I write a lot of music and I want you to hear it.  In addition to the audio, I’ll be releasing videos, cover songs that I love, and artwork that I love.

The Salesman is a collaborative effort so expect surprises, special guests, and lots of music.

I’d love to hear from you so please drop me a line at and let me know what you want more of; music, videos, art…merch, you name it.

Thanks so much for listening, I truly appreciate you all, and if you haven’t already please join our mailing list below so you are the first to hear about every new release from The Salesman.

The Salesman

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